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Your Perfect Companion

Mighty Sam McClain -Your Perfect Companion


Backstreets – 4:39
Why – 3:06
Miss Bea – 3:30
Your Perfect Companion – 2:58
A Change is Gonna Come – 5:37


Produced by Carlo Ditta
Why produced with A.J. Loria
Miss Bea produced with Mighty Sam McClain
Your Perfect Companion produced with Kim Bertucci
Recorded at Visionary Studios, Niteshade Studios & Knight Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana

©1995-2012 Orleans Records, Inc.


Mighty Sam McClain - Pray



Dancing to the Music of Love


Produced by Carlo Ditta and A.J. Loria

Coming Soon in Vinyl

Danny Barker – Save the Bones

Save the Bones - Danny Barker

Guitar Slim Junior – The Story of My Life

Guitar Slim Jr - The Story of My Life

Roland Stone – Remember Me

Roland Stone - Remember Me


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