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CDs Available from Louisiana Music Factory

Posted on Dec 28, 2013 in Slides

Some of our releases are available via CD from Louisiana Music Factory. These include CoCo Robicheaux’s “Spiritland”, Tony Green’s “Gypsy Jazz”, Danny Barker’s “Save the Bones”, Ironing Board Sam’s “The Human Touch”, Mighty Sam McClain’s “Your Perfect Companion”, The Original Pinstripe Brass Band’s “I Wanna Go Back to New Orleans” and “Your Last Chance to Dance”, Rockie Charles’ “Born For You”, Josephine Mills’ “This is Love”, and Carlo Ditta’s “Try a Little Love” and his single “As the World Turns”. Orleans Records also has two compilation CDs available from Louisiana Music Factory, “The Orleans Record Story” and “Midnight at St. Jude’s.

Check out our Artists’ pages for more details on these CDs.