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Guitar Slim Jr



Guitar Slim Jr Guitar Slim Jr. was born Rodney Armstrong in New Orleans in 1951. His father is Eddie Jones, Guitar Slim, a Blues artist most famous for his best selling song, “”The Things That I Used to Do”.

Guitar Slim Jr. has worked with many blues musicians, and received critical acclaim with his debut album, “The Story of My Life”. It received a Grammy nomination in 1988 for Best Blues Traditional Album.

Guitar Slim Jr has worked for many years around the New Orleans Blues club circuit, and has toured with Stevie Ray Vaughn. He continues to play in New Orleans venues, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
“THE STORY OF MY LIFE” – Nominated for a Traditional Blues Grammy in 1988.





“A fixture on the black New Orleans club circuit for the better part of 20 years. Rodney’s father, Eddie ‘Guitar Slim’ Jones, was one of the fathers of electric blues guitar. This album proves he’s truly a chip off the block. These blues are real!”

Jeff Hannusch aka Almost Slim